Vaultalytics Platform

Activate your campaigns with the power of Vaultalytics' managed technology stack. Vaultalytics is well-versed with Grav, and Matomo, Snipcart, and is an ActiveCampaign reseller and partner, providing a full digital marketing stack including tag management, web analytics, CRM, and marketing automation for any budget.

Our managed ActiveCampaign service costs the same as signing up directly with ActiveCampaign, but we include one hour of support for digital platform configuration and/or marketing automation per month that can be used with your Vaultalytics Stack ActiveCampaign account or for Matomo Analytics or Tag Manager support as well.

We can also set your business up with our full Vaultalytics Platform, a managed digital marketing, analytics, and sales capability that is affordable and includes features that are on par with enterprise systems for a few hundred of dollars per month (not thousands). We use Matomo Analytics + Tag Manager (web analytics), ActiveCampaign Email + Marketing Automation (email markting and drip campaigns), Grav CMS (website), Snipcart E-commerce (online store) to ensure you have good data, a fast website, and the ability to manage sales and marketing with a "digital first" approach.

Reach out to start the conversation and learn more about how we can help you create an optimized digital marketing technology engine for your business. Analytics first.