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Your Digital Business Operating System

Empower your business with Vaultalytics' digital technology stack. Vaultalytics specializes in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Tealium, Grav, Matomo, Snipcart and WordPress, and is an ActiveCampaign reseller and partner, providing a full digital marketing stack including tag management, web analytics, CRM, and marketing automation for any budget. We are focused on bulding your business a growth engine so you can use data to drive results.


Our managed ActiveCampaign service costs the same as signing up directly with ActiveCampaign, but we include one hour of support for digital platform configuration and/or marketing automation per month that can be used with your Vaultalytics Stack ActiveCampaign account or for Matomo Analytics or Tag Manager support as well.

Vaultalytics Growth Platform

We can also set your business up with our full Growth Platform, a managed digital marketing, analytics, and sales capability that is affordable and includes features that are on par with enterprise systems for a few hundred of dollars per month (not thousands). We use Google / Matomo Analytics + Tag Manager (web analytics), ActiveCampaign Email + Marketing Automation (email marketing and drip campaigns), Grav CMS with Google Optimize (landing pages and experiments), Snipcart E-commerce (add-in transactional e-commerce) to ensure you have good data and the ability to manage sales and marketing with a "digital first" approach.

We Are Not Another Digital Marketing Agency

Vaultalytics specializes in web and mobile analytics, marketing automation, and digital pipeline strategy. We are not a digital marketing agency. We provide consulting to help you to set up the tools that can grow your business. Reach out to start the conversation and learn more about how we can help you create an optimized digital marketing technology engine for your business. Analytics first.

We Offer A Focused Selection of Services

Instead of offering a broad swath of services, we focus on the things that we do really well. Vaultalytics is the region's top web analytics implementation consulting firm because it is our core competency and we have implemented web and mobile analytics platforms (Google Analytics, Matomo Analytics, and Adobe Analytics) across industries for over 15 years, originally as Brand & Butter. Since spinning off as a focused analytics practice, we have worked with clients on complex projects across the United States, Belgium, and New Zealand.

  • Web / Mobile Analytics Strategy and Implementation
  • Marketing Automation Consulting for ActiveCampaign
  • Growth and Experiment Engine Strategy & Implementation
  • Sales Pipeline and Task Management & Automation

Still not sure?

If you want to learn more, we have a white paper. It is a really easy read. Let us know who you are and you can check it out: